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Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage
Types of massages

Ayurvedic massage is one of the massage types of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, which originated in India. There are numerous variations of this healing massage, depending on the problems or needs of the person being treated, the appropriate form of massage is applied. One of the most famous forms is the full body oil massage Abhyanga, in which the whole body is treated with high-quality, warm sesame oil. Other treatment options include:

  • Mukabhyanga (facial massage with a special oil)
  • Padabhyanga (foot massage)
  • Shirodhara (forehead casting with warm oil)
  • Gemstone Shirodhara (forehead casting, instead of an oil a gemstone is used)
  • Upahanasveda (back massage with a special oil, then a strong sweating is induced by an applied herbal paste)
  • Marma massage (stimulation of certain pressure points of the body, like acupressure)
  • Marma Chikitsa (treatment of pressure points of the body with essential oils, specific breathing exercises)
  • Shiroabhyanga (head massage)
  • Ushnasnahna (soap foam massage)
  • Pinda Sweda (therapy with hot rice stamps).


  • Slowing down of the aging process
  • Stress reduction
  • Harmonization of the nervous system
  • Improvement of the eyesight
  • Skin care due to the rich oils
  • Support of the body tissue (building of body cells)
  • Improvement of insomnia